Studio of Ballet Arts

17810 Meeting House Road
Moore Building, Suite 350
Sandy Spring, Maryland  20860

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Ballet / Pointe

Classical dance characterized by grace and precision
of movement, from pre-ballet to advanced pointe


Lively stylized steps with technique based in ballet
but emphasizing more over-the-top theatrics

Modern / Lyrical

Creative interpretive dance drawing from lyrical, classical and modern techniques


Lively, rhythmic dance using syncopated steps

Hip Hop / Breakdance

An energetic & creative dance form deriving from a mixture of urban, street, club & other sub-cultures as main source of expression. Breakdancing has an emphasis on intricate footwork, floorwork & power moves/tricks

See our schedule for more classes. We have dance classes for children, teens, and adults, including group and private lessons.

The Studio of Ballet Arts is located in Sandy Spring Maryland, close to Olney, Ashton, Rockville, Gaithersburg and Silver Spring, as well as Clarksville, Burtonsville and Laurel.